Facial‑Flex® – Easy to Use

Ensure that the resistance band is securely positioned in the centre of the device. Look at yourself in a mirror, holding your head straight. Open your mouth wide and place the Facial‑Flex® exerciser between the corners of your mouth with the larger part of the end butts inside your mouth and the smaller part outside (see photo). Ensure that the elastic band is at the front of the device.

Contract and expand your mouth for two minutes, working the muscles against the resistance of the band. As soon as you are familiar with the action, and you feel able, increase the strength of the band to encourage your muscles to work harder. This will speed up the benefits to the contour of your face as it becomes firmer. To maximise your progress be sure to use your Facial‑Flex® every day. Replace the bands every week so as to prevent them becoming stretched and therefore less effective.

Helpful Hints

  • Wash your Facial‑Flex® regularly in warm (not hot) water with a mild detergent. Rinse and allow to dry naturally.
  • For hygiene reasons, your Facial‑Flex® should not be shared.
  • If your lips are fragile, or if the corners of your mouth are sensitive, apply an appropriate cream to your lips and work with the lightest resistance band. Also apply a drop of vegetable oil to the bars to ease the sliding movement.
  • Proceed at your own pace. Stop exercising for one or two days if your muscles feel tired or painful.
  • Do not use a Facial‑Flex® exerciser if you are allergic to latex.
  • Keep your Facial‑Flex® out of reach of children who may want to imitate you and could therefore inadvertently swallow it.

Consult Your Doctor

Before using Facial‑Flex® please check with you medical practitioner if you:

  • Have recently had facial, chin or neck surgery, injuries or deficiencies.
  • Suffer Temporomandibular Joint / Muscle Dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Have had recent dental or orthodontic work
  • Are under a physician’s care for any facial condition or disability
  • Have any abnormal face condition or have a known sensitivity to latex.

Replacing the Resistance Band

1. Remove the worn Resistance Band. Pick a new band, hold it between your thumb and index finger and place it around the small hooks at the top of the device.

2. Using your fingers, check that the device slides easily when compressed and released.

A broken or a dismantled device

A Facial‑Flex® exerciser is made of two interlocking parts. It is broken if a small piece of the plastic loosens or comes off. In almost all cases the Facial‑Flex® is only dismantled and needs to be reassembled. Try to reassemble it yourself (view instruction here) or contact us for help.

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The before & after images and films are shown by kind permission of Digital Wellbeing Ltd.