Facial‑Flex® – How to Fast-track Progress

As your facial muscles become stronger, you will be able to work them harder which will enable you to see physical signs of your facial muscles lifting to give you a more youthful facial contour. As with all exercise, the greatest benefit comes from regular practice. For the fastest and best results, aim to use the strongest resistance band that you can and be sure to use your Facial‑Flex® every day without fail for at least two minutes, morning and evening.

You can double up the bands (no more than two bands at a time) to load the resistance even more so that your muscles work harder as you use your Facial‑Flex®.

Here is a table giving you details of how you can progress your facial workout:

Resistance Band Resistance
No.1 6oz
No.2 8oz
2 x No.1 12oz
1 x No.1 plus 1 x No.2 14oz
No.3 14oz
2 x No.2 16oz
1 x No.1 plus 1 x No.3 20oz
1 x No.2 plus 1 x No.3 22oz
2 x No.3 24oz

NOTE : Do not use more than two bands on the device!

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