Facial‑Flex® – Clinically Proven

The two independently verified clinical trials, published in The Journal for the Society of Investigative Dermatology and The Journal of Geriatric Dermatology in America, confirmed that Facial‑Flex® increased muscle strength and firmness.

The second study confirmed the conclusions of the first study, in particular that mechanically aided resistance exercise increases facial muscle strength and produces a corresponding increase in facial firmness. The second study also demonstrated that changing the Facial‑Flex® elastic bands weekly significantly increased the results achieved. The elastics fatigue with use. Changing them maintained a more consistent level of resistance during exercise. In the first study, the elastic bands were not changed until they broke.

Firmness Strength Skin Blood Flow Period
Study 1 +22.1% +75% +10% 15 weeks*
Study 2 +32.5% +250% 8 weeks (alignment changed)

*The first study was extended 60 days beyond the initial 90 day test period. Skin blood flow was not measured in the second study.

Study 1

Changes in Facial Skin Biomechanics due to a Mechanically Guided Resistance Exercise Program
By G.L. Grove, S.W. Rimdzius, M.J. Grove. (1992)

Study 2

A Mechanically Aided Resistance Exercise Program for Sagging Facial Muscles
By Gary L Grove PhD, Stan Rimdzius BS, and Charles R Zerweck PhD. (1994)

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